Accelerated Learning with Music - Terry Wyler Webb


The following music is recommended for Guided Imagery.

The Golden Voyages music series by Bearns and Dexter, Awakening Productions, Culver City, California.
The Environment Series. Atlantic Records, New York, New York.
Spectrum Suite and other works by Steven Halpern. Halpern Sounds, San Rafael, California.
Haydyn: The Creation; The Seasons; Masses.
Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21.
Pachelbel, Canon in D.

According to Terry Wyler Webb, "Music is the key to achieving relaxation, unlocking the sub-conscious and thereby enabling positive affirmations to succeed." Because music evokes emotional responses, sometimes sub-consciously, it's an effective way to engage the right side of the brain, which has better access to long-term memory.

Webb suggests the following kinds of music for different learning activities. For a complete list, please refer to Accelerated Learning with Music: Tutor Guide, by Terry Wyler Webb.

Music for Practical Tasks
Music for Relaxation
Brahms, Symphony No. 3
Bruch, Scottish Fantasy
Berlin, Irving, Any selection
Vivaldi, Oboe Concerto
Dvorak, Cello Concerto
Wagner, Evening Star
Music for Exploring Ideas
Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue, Piano Concerto in F
Mozart, Horn Concertos, Clarinet Concerto
Strauss, Don Juan

Georgi Lozanov, the creator of an educational program called "Suggestopedia," discovered that one of the best ways to take in information, to synthesize it and store it in long-term memory, is through "Concerts." Lessons are transformed into stories or dialogues and set to music. (Although classical and baroque music work well, much of the "New Age" music is also very effective.)